Internships and Individualized Experiences in Psychology (and related areas)

       The Psychology major at Metropolitan State University has an "Application of Knowledge" requirement.
The intention of this requirement is for each student to have an individualized, applied learning experience in Psychology.
A few students may have transfer work from another school that could satisfy the application of knowledge
requirement, ask your advisor if you believe this may be the case for you.  

Click Here for Details on the Application of Knowledge Requirement  OR  CLICK HERE for a chart showing Options

Most Internships are INDIVIDUALIZED.  This means that the experience is different for each student.  Thus, registration is NOT
done online.  The exact nature of a student's internship must be specified and approved using the Internship Aggreement Form.
This requires arrangements with offices/individuals PRIOR to registration (so make sure you plan time to do this
work prior to registration).  The agreement form must be approved and processed by several offices and your internship "class"
is added to your schedule only after the completed and approved form is delivered to Gateway Student Services.  
This process takes time, so PLAN AHEAD!

Click Here for information on Internship REGISTRATION

Examples of  Internships Completed by Past Students

How Do I Find an Internship? (First, review other links above)

Internship Presentation to Psychology Club on March 19, 2014

Link to Psychology Undergraduate Guidelines
Link to Internship Agreement (registration) form
Instructions for filling out form
How to Write a Competence Statement

The Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship (ICES) - The Metro State office that works with sites
      The ICES list of Possible Internship Experiences