Examples of Internships

Students can learn about Psychology in many places.  Schools, non-profit organztaions, the justice system, churches,
government agencies, businesses, healthcare settings, and many other places are filled with potential learning experiences.  
These types of settings can provide learning in human development, training, behavior modification, interpersonal relations,
group dynamics, leadership, personnel, community organizing, volunteerism, mentoring/counseling, and many more areas
than could be listed here.

For ideas about the areas in which previous students in Psychology have done internships, please browse through the
following links.  Here you will find brief summaries prepared by students as part of the academic component of the internship.
The summaries are not really categorized, but are grouped more by time completed (not area of study).  Each file contains information
on  several different internship experiences (so make sure you page through them all)
Internships - group 1
Internships - group 2
Internships - group 3
Internships - group 4
Internships - group 5
Internships - group 6
Internships - group 7
Internships - group 8

The files above provide examples of diverse internships.  These are UNEDITED accounts written by students who completed
the Internships.  Any site in which you can  learn about the application of psychology and psychological concepts would be eligible,
as long as you are supervised by someone with a bachelor's (or master's or doctoral) degree.