Applications of Knowledge in Psychology (and related areas)
                   Internships and Individualized Experiences

      This page provides some general information about various aspects of Internships, Individualized Experiences,
and Applications of Knowledge in Psychology and related areas.

CLICK HERE for a chart showing Options for Meeting the Application of Learning Requirement

      The Psychology major at Metropolitan State University has an "Application of Knowledge" requirement.
This is intended to include an individualized, applied learning experience for students.  A few students may have transfer
work from another school that could satisfy the application of knowledge requirement.  Many (perhaps most)
students complete an individualized internship to fulfill this requirement (this experience appears as Psyc 350I
on a student's record).  Also, some students participate in Group internships (offered in Psychology as Psyc 399,
usually in social psych or the psych lab; also in some other Depts.), which can be used toward the application of knowledge
requirement -- just make sure to discuss (and clear) this with your advisor IN ADVANCE.  Students interested in
research could do an independent-study research experience working with a faculty member of her/his research,
or if a student has interests in a particular topic she or he may be able to do a student-initiated independent study research
project with a willing faculty supervisor.  Finally, some students who have substantial experience in a work or other setting
might qualify for Prior Learning Assessment (or PLA).  Generally, one can consult with his or her advisor to see if this
would be possible in the particular student's case.

    ALL of these options require arrangement with offices/individuals PRIOR to registration (so make sure you plan
time to do this work prior to registration.  MOST of these experiences require a paper registration form, and cannot be
added through the online registration process.  Such "classes" are added to your schedule only after the completed forms
are approved by the Psychology Department and delivered to Gateway Student Services.  
This process takes time, so PLAN AHEAD!

     Individualized Internships are coordinated by the Institute for Community Engagement and Scolarship (ICES).
The ICES works with internship sites and coordinates the paperwork associated with registration for individualized
internships.  The ICES also maintains lists of internship possibilities, and will consult with students desiring internships
(they do this in group sessions once a month, or individually by appointment).  The ICES web site and the ICES
Academic Internship pages provide links to much information on internships.  Finally, most issues of the Catalyst list
internship opportunities.

     Each Internship also has an academic component.  If you do an individualized internship, the faculty liaison for
the relevant academic area will have group meetings and/or written requirements that provide mechanisms through
which you can demonstrate and/or document your learning (you get credit for Learning, not just for doing). 
In Psychology, find the liaison by looking for the Instructor listed for Psyc 010 under Workshops in the Psychology
section of the printed schedule -- or look for Psyc 010 in the online schedule.  You MUST attend the group meetings
and complete the assignments in order to get credit for your internship.