Registering for an Internship in Psychology

Internships done at sites away from Metropolitan State University are coordinated by the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship
(ICES).  The ICES has a Student Guide that explains the guidelines and requirements for individualized internships,
and they also publish the Internship Agreement Form that is used to register for an individualized field internship.  Finally, the
ICES staff also gather and share information about sites that are looking for interns and will meet with students to help find them
internship sites.  The ICES General Information here  and also has a page containing links to the
Sections of the Student Guide and the Internship Agreement FormRegistration is done "in person"
using a paper form (No Online Registration)
.  The Form is completed jointly by the student and internship supervisor.
The form is delivered to the CCBL and that office works with the major department to get University approval.  The fully
approved form is then returned to the student and the student gets the form to Gateway Student Services.  At that time,
the Gateway Student Services Office will add the internship "course" (Psyc 350I) to your schedule.  
The course (and credits) do not appear on your schedule until the completed paperwork arrives at Gateway Student Services!

The process takes time, allow TWO (2) Weeks for the paperwork (more time to find an apporitape site that matches your interests).
 Students doing internships in the field should also attend Psyc 010 to complete the Academic portion of the Internship.  
Psyc 010 meets twice each term (see online course schedule), the first meeting each term is for students near the START
of the internship and the second meeting of the term is for students at the END of their internships.

Psychology has a few spaces available in Group Internships which appear in the online schedule under Psyc 399.  These are
RESEARCH INTERNSHIPS and the Faculty Supervisors set certain prerequisites (e.g., completing of Psyc 312).
Students MUST get Faculty Permission PRIOR TO REGISTRATION.

Faculty Members can supervise student research even if they do not have a section of Psyc 399 listed in the schedule.
In such cases, the students would need the approval of their topic/plan by the faculty supervisor. Students should seek
out a faculty member with expertise in their desired area of study, though students should realize that not all faculty will
agree to supervise research projects.  Typically, students are expected to be involved in the conduct of a research project
from start to finish (design the research, collect data, analyze results, and prepare a final report using APA style).  It is
expected that students complete Psyc 312 Research  Methods BEFORE  doing a research internship.  Registration will be
handled by the faculty  supervisor who will use either a Student-Designed Independent Study for  or  the Internship Agreement Form.

-- Students may start internships at any time,
but it works out best if you can match up with the regular semester system.  Students may take up to 6 months to complete
an internship, with the supervisor's permission.  Thus, even part-time students should be able to complete an internship.